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At Allied we specialize in providing a range of I.T services and solutions in key customer segments.


At Allied we specialize in providing a range of I.T services and solutions in key customer segments. Residential Corporate Educational Institutions Hotels Shopping Malls etc.

What is an ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. ISPs are companies that provide their customers access to internet services, usually for a fee.


Allied Internet

Internet you can count on Stay connected to what matters most with 99% reliability


Enjoy More of Everything

the Internet has to offer.
Fast Speeds. More Data. Built-in Wi-Fi.


More than More

Four service plans offer a wide range of data options for all types of users, making the choice easy!


Unlimited Data

With Allied, Hard Data Limits are a thing of the past. We’re committed to helping customers stay connected no matter what.


Simple pricing

Get our everyday lowprice for Internet service right from the start.


Unlimited tech support

We’re here to help, 365 days a year.


Happy lease line Clients


Happy Broadband Clients


Hours Of Support


Hard Workers



Reliable Internet Made Simple

Point to Point

Direct Connectivity Between Two Sites


A Superior Network Solution for Your Global Enterprise

SME Broadband

Growth solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Dedicated Leased line

High-quality Internet for Your Global Business

System Support

Provied support of various devices like Cisco, Huawei, Mikrotik, Edgecore, Ubnt, etc.


Our broadband Yearly Plan with free set-up Superfast Internet for all the family. Our totally unlimited fibre broadband plans have no data caps or download limits, so everyone can be online at once.

* We'll never reduce your speed, even at peak times.

* Stream all the TV and films and you love and connect

* with friends and family all over the world.

* With superfast Internet from just Fare Price, you can do it all.

Point to Point

Direct Connectivity Between Two Sites
point to point Leased Line is formed by connecting every site to every other site using Direct Link provided by the service provider network.
This is a private network and is used primarily for site-to-site communications.


* Quality of Service

* Network Redundancy

* Easy and Cost effective Expansion

* Protocol Independent forwarding

* Connection oriented network

* Bandwidth Allocation

* Security

* Lesser Hops

* Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Allied offers a complete suite of Managed Enterprise MPLS services including access, equipment procurement and configuration, activation, installation, monitoring, maintenance. Benefits of Allied MPLS Network:

* Local Knowledge

* Multilingual Help Desk

* Access technologies: xDSL, Local Loop, Ethernet, Internet

* SLA (RTD, Jitter, Packet loss, availability)

* CPE provisioning and/or Maintenance

* Single Point of Contact

SME Broadband

Truly Unlimited SME Plans
Allied provide the right solution and very cost-effective SME internet Plan.
Our SME Plan gives you the convenience and scalability of optimal Internet usage at an affordable price.

* Dedicated Bandwidth, 85% of subscribed bandwidth, burstable up to 100%

* One static public IP address that helps minimize heavy tariffs

* Flexibility to choose your speeds upto 1gbps

* A dedicated team of support engineers will monitor your line, alert you to on line.

* we offer the flexibility to change your speeds throughout the contract.

Dedicated Leased line

Leased line With our Allied leased line, you get a dedicated internet line and don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else.

So you get exceptional speeds – with ultra-low latency – that never, ever slow down.

Pick the upload and download speeds you need, from 1 Mbps all the way up to 1Gbps.

Dedicated internet access means you can send and receive massive files quickly and run bandwidth-hungry business applications like AWS, google cloud, Azure and Office 365. And for smaller business also.
giving you a faster leased line service at a great low price.

Market-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) We offer 99.6% target service availability, backed by a five-hour target fix time.

* Increase business efficiency

* Round the clock assistance

* Multiple last mile options

* Less than 1% packet loss

system Support

How can I help you?

Explore our System Support provide various Services offerings Like we Provided Cisco, Huawei, Mikrotik, ubiquiti, DELL, HP, Netgear, & TP Link etc. On Leased.

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